Bodybuilder kills his ex-wife on Instagram livestream before going on shooting rampage

In the northeastern Bosnian city of Gradacac, a bodybuilder embarked on a killing spree that claimed the lives of three people, including his ex-wife. What makes this tragedy even more disturbing is that the perpetrator, Nermin Sulejmanovic, live-streamed the entire violent rampage on Instagram. Sulejmanovic’s chilling videos captured the attention of thousands of viewers as he carried out his demented acts of violence.

During the live stream, Sulejmanovic proudly announced his intention to carry out a live execution, showcasing his badly beaten former wife on a porch. He made derogatory remarks about her before abruptly shooting her in the head. In the background, a child could be heard crying. He accused his ex-wife of preventing him from seeing the child for nearly a week.

As the police pursued him, Sulejmanovic continued to broadcast two more live videos, boasting about killing two other individuals off-camera. Prosecutors later confirmed that he had shot and killed a man and his son on the street. Sulejmanovic also wounded a police officer, another man, and a woman before taking his own life.

The live streams attracted a staggering audience of at least 12,000 people, who watched in horror as the events unfolded. Prosecutors have warned social media users who tuned into the disturbing livestream that they could face legal consequences for leaving supportive comments.

Investigators are still working to establish a clear motive for Sulejmanovic’s violent actions. Authorities revealed that the bodybuilder had been previously reported for domestic violence by his ex-wife. In addition to these reports, he also had a criminal past. He had been previously arrested and charged with drug smuggling and attacking an officer.