Brooklyn man randomly stabbed to death in front of his girlfriend

BROOKLYN, NY – A chilling video has recently emerged, capturing the horrifying moment when a well-respected activist and gifted poet was fatally stabbed in a random attack in Brooklyn. The victim, 32-year-old Ryan Carson, was returning home from a wedding with his girlfriend when the incident occurred early Monday morning.

Carson, dressed in a gray suit, and his girlfriend, clad in a blue gown, were seen on surveillance footage sitting at a bus stop in Bedford-Stuyvesant. They were soon approached by a man in a dark sweatshirt, who had just walked past them with his hood up and hands in his pockets.

The video shows the man, seemingly unprovoked, kicking scooters parked nearby. He then confronts Carson, asking him aggressively what he was looking at. Carson then stepped in front of his girlfriend as the man advanced towards them. Despite Carson’s pleas for calm, the man pulled out a knife and pursued him.

In thes ensuing chaos, Carson’s girlfriend can be heard pleading for mercy. Carson tripped over the bench they had been sitting on earlier, and the attacker seized the opportunity to stab him multiple times in the chest. The assailant then walked away, leaving Carson on the ground, only to return and confront the terrified girlfriend. He spat on her and kicked Carson before leaving the scene.

A woman, believed to be acquainted with the suspect, appeared on the scene, shouting at the attacker and repeating a name that sounded like “Brian” or “Bryan.” She then approached Carson, expressing her sorrow, while his girlfriend called 911.

Carson was rushed to Kings County Hospital Center, but the injuries were too severe. A stab wound had pierced his heart, and he could not be saved. The attack took place near Lafayette Avenue and Malcolm X Boulevard, close to the Bedford-Nostrand avenues for students and the environment.