Bus crash kills 15 passengers while heading to a casino

In Canada, a bus filled mostly with elderly people from Dauphin city crashed into a large truck, leading to 15 deaths and 10 injuries. The passengers were headed to a casino when the fatal crash occurred.

The accident took place around 11:40 am on Thursday. Rob Hill, the Commanding Officer of the Manitoba Royal Canadian Mounted Police, reported that there were 25 passengers on the bus. All of them were residents of Dauphin and its nearby areas.

Both the truck and bus drivers survived, but the conditions of the 10 hospital-bound passengers remain uncertain. The site of the crash, where the Trans-Canada Highway and Highway 5 meet near Carberry, was littered with debris and shards of broken glass.

Canadian news channels broadcast images of the large bus smoldering in a ditch. A damaged truck was also nearby, and many tarps were laid out across the site of the crash. The bus was heading south when it tried to cross the eastbound lanes on the Trans-Canada Highway and collided with the eastward-bound truck.

The authorities have not yet confirmed who had the right of way at the time of the crash.

The local Lutheran Church has been converted into a support center for the families affected by this tragedy.