Bus crashes into building, killing one and injuring twelve more

SEATTLE, WA – A catastrophic event unfolded in Seattle on Saturday when a Metro bus crashed into a building, leading to one death and leaving 12 others injured, according to local authorities.

The Seattle Fire Department has reported that among the injured, one person is fighting for their life in critical condition, while the remaining victims are stable. The individual who tragically lost their life was pronounced dead at the scene.

The collision took place at the bustling intersection of Fifth Avenue and Battery Street. In a twist of fate, another person was reported to be trapped in a different vehicle due to the crash.

The Seattle Fire Department has confirmed that the part of the building struck by the bus was devoid of occupants at the time of the accident. The building, fortunately, did not sustain significant structural damage.

The Seattle Police Department has taken up the task of investigating the cause of this unfortunate incident. As of now, the specific details surrounding the death of the 5-year-old victim have not been disclosed by the authorities.