Cave boat capsizes in New York

On Monday, an accident occurred at the Erie Canal when a tour boat being operated by Lockport Cave & Underground Boat Ride capsized in a nearby cave. This company provides a walking tour and a boat ride through the cave system, a feature established nearly 150 years prior.

The Lockport Police Department, along with New York State Police and local fire personnel, worked together to successfully rescue all 36 passengers, although an exact count of those on board was difficult to determine due to the ongoing investigation. The Lockport Police Department and WBEN News Radio later confirmed all individuals were safely accounted for.

Roughly 4-6 feet deep, the water in the cave was not a factor in the incident, as the cause is still under investigation. Although it was fortunate that all on board were rescued without injury, the event serves as a reminder of the importance of safety when participating in activities like boat tours.