Woman admits to killing her sister after two bodies were found inside her house

An unsettling discovery was made in a South Side San Antonio home over the weekend.

Three women were found inside, two of whom were dead. One of the survivors, 68-year-old Dores Campos, has since been charged with the murder of her sister.

The accused was discovered within the home alongside her sister, 64-year-old Patricia Sauceda, and 72-year-old Linda Blann. It was Blann’s daughter who made the disturbing discovery while she was trying to drop off some tobacco.

Upon her arrival, she heard Campos, her aunt, shouting from inside the house, raising alarms about someone being on the floor. Without hesitation, she shattered the glass on the front door to gain entry.

Inside, she discovered Campos sitting on the floor, and the lifeless bodies of Blann and Sauceda, the affidavit stated. The bodies seemed like they had been in the house for several days.

According to the affidavit, when emergency medical services arrived at the scene, Campos made a shocking confession. She admitted to an emergency medical technician that she had fatally shot her sister.

Sauceda’s body was found on a bed with a gunshot wound in the chest. A .22 caliber gun was later found in a plastic bag hidden under the bed.

However, the circumstances surrounding Blann’s death remain unclear. Bexar County Sheriff’s Office (BCSO) investigators found no immediate signs of trauma on her body to suggest a violent cause of death.

As such, the Bexar County Medical Examiner’s Office stated that an autopsy was currently underway to determine the cause of Blann’s death.

Meanwhile, Campos was taken into custody and has been detained in the Bexar County Jail. Her bond has been set at $250,000, marking another chapter in this tragic story unraveling in San Antonio’s South Side.