Chicago shooting leaves 1 dead, another injured

CHICAGO, IL – A mid-morning shooting left one man killed and another critically injured in the city’s West Side. As reported by local authorities, the incident, which occurred around 10:30 a.m., targeted two males on the sidewalk along the 200 block of South Cicero Avenue.

A 46-year-old man, whose identity is yet to be released to the public, was shot in the back and right flank. The impact of the shooting led to critical injuries. He was subsequently rushed to Stroger Hospital for urgent treatment. His companion, whose age remains unknown, was shot in the chest, succumbing to his injuries at the same hospital shortly after admission.

According to police representatives, a firearm linked to the shooting was found at the scene. Surveillance materials from the nearby Curly’s Deli Mart revealed footage of the suspected shooter engaged in conversation with one of the victims as part of a group on the sidewalk. This conversation was cut short when one victim started walking away, in turn sparking pursuit from the armed suspect.

Bystanders who witnessed the chilling scene quickly sought refuge inside the local store. James Bush, a security guard at Curly’s Deli Mart, commented after the event and expressed his sorrow over the devastating impact. Law enforcement agencies are yet to announce any arrests in connection to the shooting.