Chicago shooting leaves 12-year-old boy dead

CHICAGO, IL – A heartbreaking shooting incident took place in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhood on Sunday evening, claiming the life of a 12-year-old boy. The shooting took place near Lowe and Marquette, as confirmed by the Chicago Police Department.

The first sign of trouble was a ShotSpotter alert, according to Alderman William Hall of the 6th district. Upon arrival, officers found the young victim, identified as Damien Green, suffering from a fatal gunshot wound to his head. Investigators were later seen meticulously searching Ryan Harris Memorial Park for any clues related to the shooting.

Hall voiced the community’s simultaneous feelings of exhaustion and anger over the ongoing violence. He spoke of the grim reality of children’s lives being lost prematurely and the urgent need for societal change. He also underscored the profound grief that the victim’s family will endure, particularly during the upcoming holiday season.

During a press conference at Comer Children’s Hospital, the police made a desperate appeal to the community for help in locating the shooter. Deputy Chief Gilbert Calderon emphasized the importance of community involvement in solving such heartbreaking incidents.

While details surrounding the shooting remain scarce, a reward for information has been increased to $15,000. Hall highlighted that while the reward may not ease the family’s sorrow, it might incentivize someone to provide information about the shooter. He also called for an end to the “no snitch” culture that often impedes justice in such cases.