Dad accused of setting house fire, killing his 3 kids

NEW ORLEANS, LA – A heart-wrenching incident unfolded in New Orleans, leaving the community in shock and mourning. Three innocent children lost their lives in a horrific fire, allegedly ignited by their own father, Joseph Washington Sr., 29, amidst a domestic disagreement. After an extensive manhunt, Washington Sr. was taken into custody, facing an array of charges, as detailed by Deputy Superintendent Ryan Lubrano.

The severity of the situation was first signaled by an urgent 911 call from the children’s mother. She was not at the residence when the threat was made but was rushing towards it, fear evident in her voice as she described her ex-husband’s erratic behavior and ominous threats.

Emergency personnel were met with a raging fire upon arrival. Although they managed to rescue two children, both unfortunately passed away shortly after. The youngest child, only three, was found deceased inside the home. The father quickly emerged as the primary suspect. His abandoned car, found submerged in the Mississippi near Gretna, added to suspicions. His capture followed soon after, apprehended on the I-610 after an alleged escape attempt that involved a jump from an overpass.

Facing a myriad of charges, including multiple counts of murder and aggravated arson, Washington Sr.’s alleged actions have sent shockwaves throughout the community. The exact cause behind the deadly fire remains under investigation, with officials also reviewing the couple’s custody details and any previous police interventions at the home.

During a press conference, a visibly shaken interim Chief Anne Kirkpatrick, alongside community leaders, voiced the city’s collective anguish and promised justice.