Cleveland man facing terrorism charges

CLEVELAND, OH – A near-derailment incident in August initiated an investigation revealing suspicious materials purposely placed on an Ohio train line for several months. This discovery took place during a test run for a CSX employee appreciation day when the train hit an obstruction. As these materials were analyzed, they resembled methods advocated by international terror outfits to create homemade derail devices.

This serious issue led to the arrest of Cleveland resident Joseph Findley, 43. He now faces charges related to terrorist attacks on railroad carriers. However, Findley’s family has come to his defense. His mother, in a statement to a local media outlet, emphasized that her son had no terror affiliations. She attributed his actions, if true, to a phase of depression following personal losses.

The affected Amtrak train route is usually frequented by 180 to 200 passengers twice daily. Evidence gathered from the site indicated that metal objects like tie plates, spikes, and other metal components were strategically placed between the guardrails and the rail. Such placements, according to officials, suggested a deep understanding of the track and switch operations and how to interrupt them.

Local businesses close to the train line provided surveillance footage which gave investigators their first lead. Cameras had caught a man, later identified as Findley, near the obstruction area. This footage, along with subsequent observations and community tips, played a pivotal role in tracing Findley. When apprehended and questioned, Findley acknowledged his presence in the videos and placing some objects on the tracks but denied any intention to derail the train.