Dancer stabbed to death at gas station, police investigate the attack as possible hate crime

The shocking death of dancer O’Shae Sibley has left his friends in disbelief and the community in mourning. Sibley, a 28-year-old professional dancer from New York and Philadelphia, was fatally stabbed at a Brooklyn gas station. The incident occurred while he was vogueing and dancing to Beyoncé’s music on Saturday night. Witnesses reported that a group of men approached Sibley, telling him to stop.

The situation escalated when derogatory comments about their sexual orientation were made. The confrontation took a violent turn when 17-year-old suspect pulled out a knife and stabbed Sibley in the chest. Authorities are investigating the killing as a potential hate crime.

In a heartbreaking video shared on Facebook, Otis Pena recounted the final moments of his friend’s life. Pena witnessed the attack and rushed to Sibley’s side, holding his wound as blood soaked his hands and clothes.

Tony Morrison, who serves as the senior director of communications at GLAAD, expressed his grief and emphasized the rise in violence against the LGBTQ community nationwide. Morrison stated that incidents of harassment and vandalism are now manifesting in physical harm, as seen in this case.

Friends and colleagues remember Sibley as a talented and dedicated professional dancer. He was an esteemed participant in Ailey Extension’s dance classes, where he was highly regarded by instructors and fellow students. Ailey Extension released a statement expressing their sorrow over the loss of Sibley, highlighting his cherished presence within their program.

Law enforcement sources have recently identified the suspect as a teenager who remains at large. Authorities are actively searching for the individual involved in the stabbing. A memorial service will be held at the LBGT Community Center in the West Village on Saturday evening to honor Sibley’s memory.