Death of key witness in horrific case sparks serial killer speculation

Jaynie Crosdale, a potential witness in a horrifying kidnapping and rape case, was found dead in the Missouri River, a year after she disappeared. Crosdale was believed to be a key witness against Timothy Haslett Jr., who was arrested last October following a woman’s escape from his basement in Excelsior Springs. The woman, who was found wearing a dog collar, reported to the police that she had been held captive, raped, and tortured for a month by Haslett, with some of the torture involving devices connected to electrical currents.

Crosdale’s family had not heard from her since the previous August, according to her sister, who chose to remain anonymous due to safety concerns. Crosdale’s addiction issues had caused a rift between her and her family, her sister revealed in an emotional interview. The family became suspicious when Crosdale failed to post her annual social media tribute to their late father, a tradition she had maintained for eight years.

The Clay County Prosecutor’s Office has not yet filed additional charges against Haslett in relation to Crosdale’s death. The cause of Crosdale’s death and whether foul play is suspected has not been disclosed. However, prosecutors have filed a motion to increase Haslett’s bond, currently set at $3 million, to ensure community safety. The motion cites an ongoing investigation that raises concerns about community safety.

Crosdale’s sister shared her heartbreak and fear about her sister’s final moments. Despite Crosdale’s struggles with addiction, her sister remembered her as a kind and generous person when she was sober. Before their relationship became strained, Crosdale seemed to be getting her life back on track, spending time with her sister and sharing stories of her life.

Haslett is facing multiple felony charges, including first-degree rape, first-degree sodomy, first-degree kidnapping, second-degree assault, and first-degree endangering the welfare of a child. He has pleaded not guilty to all charges, which are connected to one victim, referred to as “TJ” in court documents. TJ managed to escape Haslett’s home and was found by police wearing a metal collar and a trash bag.

Since Haslett’s arrest, there has been speculation about additional victims and fears of a potential serial killer. Bishop Tony Caldwell, a Kansas City community leader advocating for missing Black women, believes there are more victims. Caldwell has been a strong supporter of TJ and other potential victims in this case. He shared information about other missing women allegedly connected to Haslett with the police, suggesting there could be at least two other victims.