Dead man discovered in car trunk

CITRUS COUNTY, FL – A shocking revelation unfolded in Florida when a deceased individual was discovered in a car trunk. The individual suspected of the crime was found with a gunshot wound, believed to be self-inflicted, in his stomach.

During a routine welfare check near Eden Drive, Citrus County law enforcement officers came across signs of criminal activity. Efforts to communicate with the homeowner, who is now the key suspect, were initiated.

On entering the house, the officers found the suspect in a dire state, with a likely self-inflicted gunshot wound to his stomach. Immediate medical assistance was sought and the suspect was rushed to a nearby healthcare facility. His health status is yet to be disclosed.

The investigation led to a further shocking discovery of a dead man in the trunk of the suspect’s car parked on the property. Detectives were called to the scene, a search warrant was obtained, and the process of evidence collection began.

Sheriff Mike Prendergast expressed his deep regret over the incident, noting the devastating effect on the community, particularly during the holiday season. He assured the public of their safety, attributing it to the relentless efforts of the Citrus County Sheriff’s Office team.