Deadly shooting erupts during family feud at Arizona home

A heated argument between two families turned tragic when a man opened fire, killing his father’s girlfriend and her son at a residence in Gila Bend earlier this week. The incident unfolded during a confrontation in the couple’s bedroom, escalating into a physical altercation involving multiple individuals. The suspect, identified as 21-year-old David Diaz, allegedly grabbed a gun and fired shots near the front door, striking the victims. The Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office (MCSO) responded to the scene, where they discovered one victim deceased and the other injured. The shooter claimed he did not intend to harm anyone, but he now faces a charge of reckless manslaughter.

According to investigators, the dispute began when 44-year-old Melissa Gutierrez and her boyfriend, Ramon Diaz II, engaged in a heated argument in their bedroom. Gutierrez decided to leave and called her son’s girlfriend for a ride. However, Gutierrez’s son, 22-year-old Orlando Osegueda, arrived at the scene accompanied by three other men. A physical altercation ensued between Osegueda and Ramon Diaz II, with additional individuals joining the fight. Amidst the chaos, David Diaz, one of Ramon Diaz II’s sons, retrieved a gun and fired multiple shots near the front door, where Gutierrez and Osegueda were standing.

Tragically, Gutierrez succumbed to her injuries at the scene, while Osegueda fled the residence but was later dropped off at a hospital by an unidentified woman. Osegueda, who had sustained multiple gunshot wounds, ultimately succumbed to his injuries. During the investigation, one of the witnesses present during the altercation identified David Diaz as the shooter, leading to his arrest.

During an interview with MCSO, David Diaz claimed that he had been informed of Osegueda’s impending arrival at his home, accompanied by anger towards his father. When Osegueda arrived, he allegedly began assaulting his father, prompting David and his brother to intervene. Following the altercation, most individuals left the premises, but Osegueda, Gutierrez, and another man remained inside. David, believing they would not leave, decided to arm himself with an AR-15 rifle. He admitted to loading the weapon and firing several shots near the doorway, intending to scare the remaining individuals. David maintained that he did not aim at anyone or intend to cause harm.

According to court documents, David Diaz stated that one of the men accompanying Osegueda possessed a firearm but did not point it at anyone. However, David perceived the presence of the weapon as an attempt to intimidate him and his brother. As a result, he now faces a charge of reckless manslaughter.