Destiny 2 Weekly Quest Grind: Are the Rewards Worth the Insane Challenges?

Bungie’s Destiny 2 is offering a month and a half of weekly quests with rewards for completing various tasks. These rewards include red border raid weapons, exotics, and materials. However, the structure of these quests has sparked controversy.

The loot from these quests is geared towards casual or free-to-play players, providing a single crafted raid weapon after five weeks of grinding, or some exotics from Lightfall year. While this may seem generous at first glance, the tasks required to obtain these rewards are anything but casual. They are grindy and represent the worst of Destiny objectives, potentially turning off the very players the game is trying to attract.

The list of challenges for these quests includes completing public events, opening ascendant chests, defeating combatants in Lost Sectors, and more. While these objectives may not be difficult, they are incredibly time-consuming, requiring players to invest a significant amount of time into the game.

The implementation of these quests seems to prioritize increasing playtime, but it raises questions about the type of players Bungie is looking to attract. This approach may deter casual and free-to-play players who are already facing numerous hurdles in obtaining valuable items within the game.

In conclusion, the design of these quests in Destiny 2 has raised concerns about the game’s direction and the way it caters to different types of players. While the goal may be to increase player engagement, the excessive grind required for these rewards may have the opposite effect. This approach has left many players feeling frustrated and may impact the game’s overall appeal in the long run.