Family stabbed by naked guest during sleepover

ATHENS, GA – A sleepover took a stark turn for an Athens-based family when they were struck by a shocking attack in their home. Nurse and mother of the house, Jessica Cates, rushed into action upon hearing the spine-chilling screams in the early hours of January 27. She found a scene that left her bewildered: a teenaged houseguest—whom they had previously hosted—was found physically dominating her daughter Abbie armed with a knife, all while being stark-naked.

Upon illuminating the room, Jessica noticed blood smears on the wall, confirming the violent turn of events. Post this observation, her 12-year-old son Tyler bravely stepped up to protect his elder sister in a display of sibling courage.

The danger escalated when the attacker reemerged to cause mayhem once more, leaving a wake of injuries on both Jessica and Abbie. Despite multiple injuries, the victims luckily escaped without any organ damage, reinforcing their survival chances.

In the aftermath, the household has been full of anxiety. The incident was especially difficult for Tyler, who harbored a close friendship with their assailant. Once Jessica’s spouse intervened in the gruesome situation and managed to confront the attacker, law enforcement was notified.

Officials from Athens-Clarke County Police confirmed their response to the incident. However, the ongoing investigation and the youthful ages of the individuals implicated have restricted further information from being publically released.

Although an intense ordeal has been endured, Jessica extended her gratitude to first responders and seeks the fullest possible punishment for the assaulter in question. Navigating through their trauma, the family has since decided to forgo separate rooms for sleep and avoid hosting sleepovers completely.

A charity drive online has been initiated by the Cates to tackle their unplanned medical expenses along with other costs.