Family tied up in terrifying armed robbery

PHILADELPHIA, PA – A family in Philadelphia experienced a horrifying armed robbery in their home, with the incident being captured on video, according to local authorities. Four suspects are currently being sought in connection with the incident, which occurred last week.

The primary victim, a home-based businessman, was outside his residence with an employee around 10 a.m. on November 6. Suddenly, four masked individuals, identified as Hispanic males, emerged from a black Acura and held the two at gunpoint, forcing them back into the house located in the East Oak Lane neighborhood on the 6600 block of 7th Street.

Once inside, the suspects proceeded to tie up and assault the family and the employee. The chilling video footage shared by the police shows the armed culprits binding the victims in the kitchen, with a child appearing in the frame.

The video also reveals the suspects wheeling out what seems to be a safe from the home. The businessman reported that his safe, along with firearms and jewelry, were stolen before the suspects fled the scene, heading west on 66th Avenue.

Authorities are urging anyone with information about the suspects to reach out to the Northwest Detective Division at 215-686-3353.