Missing woman found dead inside boyfriend’s fridge

MCKINNEY, TX – Disturbing revelations are emerging in the case of a McKinney woman whose body was discovered in her boyfriend’s home after being reported missing. Heather Schwab’s lifeless body was discovered inside a refrigerator in 42-year-old Chad Stevens’ home on Sunday, following a tip to police.

According to a newly obtained arrest warrant affidavit, there’s evidence to suggest that 35-year-old Schwab might have met her untimely death more than a year ago. Missing person reports confirm that Schwab’s mother reported her disappearance in June, after not seeing her daughter for a year. Their relationship was strained by disagreements over Schwab’s drug use and other issues. Schwab’s mother expressed fears to investigators about her daughter’s abusive relationship with Stevens.

Stevens had previously misinformed investigators by claiming that Schwab had left him and he had no idea about her whereabouts. The investigation took a chilling turn recently when Stevens’ ex-wife contacted Schwab’s mother claiming Stevens had murdered Schwab, burying her body in their backyard.

Allegedly, Stevens threatened his daughter and her unborn child during a phone call of them informing him he was about to become a grandfather. In retaliation, his daughter hinted at her knowledge of Schwab’s disappearance. Stevens then cryptically questioned what else she knew about the backyard, the arrest warrant affidavit reveals.

Further testimonies of Stevens’ ex-wife and daughter were revealed, including comments from Stevens about researching the penalties for concealing a body, believing he would only receive five years in prison.
During the search of Stevens’ residence, aerial drone footage captured several unusual features in his backyard. On entering the house, Schwab’s body was found wrapped heavily in plastic wrap and concealed inside a refrigerator in the kitchen. According to authorities, access to the kitchen had been curiously blocked by a sheet of rock.

Following the gruesome discovery, Stevens came forward to tell investigators that Schwab had died in July 2022. He admitted to storing her body in the fridge, unsure of what to do with it. He spun several different narratives surrounding her demise, eventually claiming that Schwab died three days after injuring her head in a shower incident.

Neighbor accounts contradict his statement as Stevens had previously informed them of Schwab’s death due to cancer. Reports also indicated a domestic disturbance incident in August 2022 involving a screaming male and a female brandishing a firearm, believed to be Stevens and Schwab.

While the cause of Schwab’s death still awaits confirmation, Stevens faces charges for tampering with evidence and remains in Collin County jail. Potential additional charges depend on the medical examiner’s findings and McKinney police assure the investigation is actively ongoing.