Father and son killed during argument with their neighbor

BROOKLYN, NY – Tragedy struck in Brooklyn on Sunday night as a father and son fell victim to a fatal shooting allegedly carried out by their downstairs neighbor. Authorities are currently in pursuit of the shooter, who remains at large.

The victims’ family describes the suspect as mentally unstable, frequently complaining about noise even when they were not causing any disturbance. On the fateful Sunday evening, the suspect reportedly confronted the family once more, this time resorting to gunfire.

The devastated daughter of the victims expressed her grief, stating, “He killed my brother and my dad.” The incident claimed the lives of 47-year-old Bladimy Mathurin and his 27-year-old son, Chinwai Mode, leaving their family in East Flatbush, Brooklyn shattered.

Marie Delille, now a grieving widow and mother, revealed the ongoing conflict with their downstairs neighbor, who had repeatedly accused their children of being too loud since the family moved into the fourth floor of the Flatbush Gardens apartment building four years ago.

“I was in the kitchen, doing dishes in the sink, I heard bang bang bang. I asked did anybody make noise? The kids be like, no mommy, nobody made noise. My husband banged back. The man came upstairs and kicked the door,” Delille recounted.

According to the police, Mathurin engaged in an argument with the neighbor and allegedly threatened him with a pair of scissors when the neighbor opened fire, fatally shooting both the father and son. Delille, present during the incident, refutes the police account, asserting that her husband had no weapon.

As they grapple with their immense loss, family and friends express concerns for their safety, fearing the return of the shooter. Delille is calling for justice to be served.