Toddler overdoses on cocaine, parents arrested

BONITA SPRINGS, FL – A Florida couple faces charges of child neglect following a distressing incident where a 14-month-old child overdosed on cocaine, according to the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. The authorities were summoned on Sunday to respond to a medical emergency involving an unresponsive toddler in Bonita Springs, Florida.

Diego Tzoy Pu, aged 33, and Santa Lux Pu De Tzoy, aged 30, were accused of causing the toddler’s untimely death. Both of them have since been charged with child neglect and drug possession in connection with the incident. Police assert that the couple reported the baby had ingested “several pills described as oxycodone.”

Subsequent testing revealed that the pills actually contained cocaine. According to the sheriff’s office, the pills were found in Tzoy Pu’s wallet, which had been left on a table within the child’s reach. The toddler was observed in distress with a blue pill in her mouth.

The child was promptly transported to the hospital for medical treatment. Currently, the 14-month-old is reported to be in stable condition. Sheriff Carmine Marceno emphasized the need to protect those who cannot protect themselves, stating, “Thank God the child is going to be okay. We will continue to work with DCF to ensure this child is in a safe environment, free of drugs and neglect.”

It remains unclear whether the accused couple has retained legal representation to speak on their behalf.