Fiery tanker crash kills two drivers

WORCESTER TOWNSHIP, PA – A catastrophic vehicle collision on the Pennsylvania Turnpike, involving a tanker truck and two cars, resulted in at least one fatality and major disruptions late Saturday morning. Witnesses recounted a horrific scene on the northbound side of Interstate 476, where one of the vehicles burst into flames around 10:30 a.m. This led to the shutdown of all traffic lanes between Mid-County and Lansdale.

The immediate aftermath was captured by onlookers, showing a towering plume of black smoke and scattered debris all over the highway. Emergency responders rushed to the site minutes after the initial incident. By noon, firefighters were still trying to manage the massive blaze using both water and foam as their primary means.

Social media updates from the Official PA Turnpike account indicated challenges in handling the fire and the subsequent damage. They noted that traffic heading north was barred due to the extent of damage and ongoing fire control measures. Concerns also arose about vehicles trapped in the ensuing traffic jam. The PA Turnpike advised motorists to stay in their vehicles and await further instructions. One driver, Ed McFarland, painted a bleak picture, mentioning bumper-to-bumper traffic that stretched for miles and the seeming standstill he and many others found themselves in.

The PA Turnpike’s focus remains on managing the situation, ensuring the safety of all those involved, and clearing the scene for eventual traffic flow. Their latest update urged patience and stressed the importance of following their directives for everyone’s safety.