Man attempted to run six black men over in pick up truck

TALLAHASSEE, FL – David Emanuel, a 62-year-old man from northern Florida, has been handed a one-year plus one-day sentence in federal prison. The retired clam farmer faced these charges for attempting to harm six Black men with his pickup truck at the historic Rosewood massacre site.

Witnesses recounted that Emanuel yelled racial slurs from his white Ford F-250 and asked the men to vacate the premises. One of the victims was Marvin Dunn, 83, a historian planning a memorial at Rosewood. For Dunn, this incident was reminiscent of the racial tensions he faced during the Civil Rights era.

Federal Judge Allen Winsor announced the verdict, convicting Emanuel on six counts of hate crimes. Though each count carried a 12-month and one-day sentence, the judge permitted the terms to run concurrently. The Justice Department initially pushed for a sentence ranging from five to six years.

Rosewood was a predominantly Black community in Levy County, Florida, which met a tragic end in 1923. The incident occurred when Emanuel confronted the group while they were on a public road in September 2022. In a rapid turn of events, Emanuel drove away only to return, accelerating towards the group. Fortunately, all escaped harm, and Emanuel was later convicted.

During the court hearing, many supported Emanuel, noting his contributions to the community. However, Judge Winsor emphasized the racial motive behind the attack, believing that probation wouldn’t sufficiently deter others from committing similar offenses.

The courtroom resonated with themes of forgiveness and moving forward. Marvin Dunn and his son, having faced the brunt of the incident, came forward with a plea of mercy for Emanuel, advocating for reconciliation.