Five people shot at early morning gathering

In the early hours of Sunday, a violent incident unfolded in Lansing, Michigan, leaving five people injured from gunshot wounds. Two of these individuals are battling life-threatening injuries, as reported by local law enforcement. The incident occurred on the 1300 block of West Holmes Road, where police officers found multiple victims amidst a sizable crowd.

Emergency response teams from the Lansing Fire Department were quick to transport several victims to a local medical facility. The large crowd at the scene necessitated additional support from police departments in neighboring areas. The victims, whose identities remain confidential, are aged between 16 and 26, according to the police.

Multiple firearms were found at the scene, and several individuals have been taken into custody as potential persons of interest. However, further details about these individuals and the current condition of the victims were not immediately available.

The incident is currently under investigation by detectives and crime scene investigators who are working to piece together the events leading up to the shooting. The Lansing Police Department is appealing to the public for any information related to the incident. Individuals with information can contact Detective Sergeant Kyle Schlagel, the Lansing Police Department, or submit information anonymously through Crime Stoppers or the Lansing Police Department’s Facebook page.