Mall gunfire leaves two teens shot, one arrested

Authorities in Huntsville, Alabama are currently investigating a shooting incident that occurred at the Bridge Street Town Centre on Saturday evening. The incident, which took place near the Red Robin, Cinemark, and Westin area, resulted in two individuals being shot. While one victim, a male, is in serious condition, the injuries sustained by the female victim are not life-threatening. The identities and ages of the people involved in the shooting have not been disclosed. Police have assured the public that this was an isolated incident and there is no ongoing threat to safety.

According to Huntsville Emergency Medical Services Inc. (HEMSI) spokesperson Don Webster, the shooting occurred following a verbal altercation between groups of juveniles. Three individuals have been detained for questioning as part of the ongoing investigation. Late on Saturday night, police confirmed that one juvenile has been charged with assault and taken to the Neaves-Davis Juvenile Center. Due to their age, the name of the suspect has not been released to the public.

Witnesses at the scene described a chaotic scene, with one teenage boy lying in the parking lot with gunshot wounds. Nick Stratacos, who witnessed the aftermath, recalled seeing numerous officers rushing to the scene. Stratacos mentioned that the injured boy appeared to be around 16 or 17 years old but seemed to be in stable condition as he was being loaded into the ambulance. Businesses in the vicinity, including Red Robin’s, were temporarily closed following the incident.

Concerns have been raised in relation to the lack of communication from the Cinemark Theater during the shooting. Moviegoers Harrison Cerniway and Kacey Fast expressed their worry about receiving information solely from external sources. They mentioned that despite receiving texts from friends and family about the shooting, the theater did not provide any updates or guidance on whether it was safe to leave. Huntsville Police are continuing their investigation into the shooting at Bridge Street Town Centre.