Four people killed in shooting at homeless camp

AUTRYVILLE, NC – A homeless encampment in Autryville, North Carolina, became the backdrop of a tragic crime scene on Sunday, following a quadruple shooting that resulted in four fatalities. Authorities are investigating the incident as a possible murder-suicide.

The Sampson County Sheriff’s Office responded to reports of gunfire around 9:20 a.m. Sunday, in the vicinity of Autryville. A local resident reported overhearing an argument from the encampment as she was returning home from a morning dog walk.

The resident recounted hearing a heated dispute but didn’t think much of it initially. However, she soon heard a series of gunshots, estimating between 10 to 15, which prompted her to notify law enforcement.

Upon their arrival, deputies discovered a grim scene: four deceased individuals, two men and two women, near two tents at the homeless encampment located near Tanner Lane. Preliminary assessments indicated that all victims had suffered gunshot wounds.

An initial probe into the incident led investigators to suspect a murder-suicide scenario. The investigation remains ongoing, with crime scene investigators meticulously gathering and processing evidence to rule out any additional foul play.

The identities of the four victims have not been released by the sheriff’s office, citing the need to confirm identification and notify next of kin. The department has reassured the public that there appears to be no ongoing threat related to this incident.