Gas station cashier shot dead by armed robbers

In the early hours of June 2, tragedy struck the quiet town of Johnson City, Tennessee, leaving the community shocked and grieving. Tava Woodard, a 23-year-old cashier at the local Roadrunner Market, lost her life. She was killed only hours after voicing concerns about her safety at work because of a previous shoplifting incident.

Surveillance cameras show two masked individuals, later identified as Mark Sexton Jr., 41, and his son Mark Sexton III, 18. They stormed into the convenience store and robbed Woodard, taking cash under the threat of a firearm.

As the duo made their exit, one of them turned and shot Woodard. Responding police found her lifeless body just eight minutes later.

The investigation uncovered crucial evidence near the crime scene. Officers found a 9mm shell casing and two blue gloves in a nearby alley that belonged to the robbers. A similar glove turned up close to the Sexton residence, just nine blocks away.

Police released images of the suspects, which prompted community members to identify one of them as Mark Sexton Jr. Further.

An expired vehicle registration led police to Sexton Jr., as they stopped a car he was driving, accompanied by his wife and another individual. A search of their home unveiled clothing matching the surveillance footage, more blue gloves, and a 9mm round bearing the same stamp as the casing found at the scene.

Both father and son now face criminal charges.

In the aftermath, Woodard’s mother, Melissa Jones, shed light on her daughter’s anxieties about her job. Woodard had confided in her that the store’s supposed ‘panic button’ was unresponsive, leaving her and other employees feeling vulnerable.