Girl attacked with acid during playground argument

In a shocking incident at a playground in Detroit, an 11-year-old girl was attacked with acid during an argument. The incident occurred at the Vernor Elementary School playground on Sunday, leaving the young girl with severe burns on her back, legs, and arms. The attack took place when a dispute broke out between the girl’s cousin and a 12-year-old girl, who was handed a bottle of acid by her mother and proceeded to throw it on the group.

Deaira Summers, along with her siblings and cousin, was enjoying her time at the playground when the argument escalated. The 12-year-old girl’s mother allegedly handed her a bottle of acid, which she then hurled at the group. Summers, who was not involved in the fight, suffered excruciating burns as the acid burned through her clothing. In a state of panic, she tore off her shirt and ran home, screaming and crying.

Summers was rushed to the hospital by her family, where she received treatment for her injuries. She remained in the hospital for three days, enduring the physical and emotional pain caused by the attack. The 12-year-old assailant, whose identity has not been disclosed, has been charged with assault and intent to do bodily harm. The type of acid used in the attack remains unknown, as the hospital was unable to identify it.

Although Summers has been discharged from the hospital, she continues to face the aftermath of this traumatic incident. Wrapping her left arm and legs, she must allow her burns to heal. Expressing her frustration, Summers emphasized that she had done nothing to provoke the attack and believes there should be consequences for her assailant’s actions. Her grandmother, Debra Golston, expressed relief that Summers survived the ordeal, considering the severity of her third-degree burns.

The suspect of the crime appeared in court for a preliminary hearing and was granted a $10,000 bond. As part of the conditions, she has been ordered to have no contact with Summers or any of the witnesses. The 12-year-old will return to court on July 18th to face further legal proceedings.