Grandma shot dead at baby shower, son runs over alleged killer with his car

DETROIT, MI – A horrific shooting unfolded at a baby shower in Detroit, Michigan, where a shocking sequence of events left a grandmother dead and her alleged shooter injured in a bizarre confrontation in the parking lot of a Detroit police station.

The distressing chain of events commenced on a Sunday when Phebe Williams, a 53-year-old grandmother, attended a baby shower on Detroit’s east side. A 46-year-old friend of Williams arrived at the event and accused Williams’ son of a crime, a situation that had been brewing since the friend had reported Williams’ son to the city police the previous week.

Tensions escalated, resulting in a physical altercation involving Williams, her friend, and another individual who allegedly spat on the friend. Tragically, the situation took a deadly turn when the friend pulled out a firearm and fatally shot Williams. The abrupt violence left family members and attendees stunned, struggling to comprehend the friend’s extreme actions.

Shavonda Carter, Williams’ niece, expressed her bewilderment, stating, “She’s a friend of the family. They’d been friends since they were kids. I don’t understand why she would even pull a gun out.”

After the shooting, the friend fled the scene, but her actions took an unexpected turn. She called the Detroit police to report the incident and then drove to the city’s 9th precinct, located a few miles away, to turn herself in. However, unbeknownst to her, Williams’ son had followed her to the police station’s parking lot. In a shocking turn of events, he allegedly struck her with his car as she exited hers.

Both Williams’ son and the alleged shooter were subsequently arrested, with the shooter hospitalized in serious condition. It remains unclear whether the son who reportedly struck the shooter was the same individual the shooter had reported to the police.

Detroit Police Captain Donna McCord condemned the incident as another example of the city’s “senseless gun violence” and emphasized the importance of responsible firearm ownership. She urged individuals to contact the police in case of emergencies rather than taking matters into their own hands.