Hit-and-run driver seen peeling victim’s body off of windshield

NEW CARROLLTON, MD – In a horrifying incident, a hit-and-run driver struck and killed a 28-year-old Maryland man, Franklin Mendez, in the early hours of Saturday. The Prince George’s County Police Department responded to the scene after Mendez was found with severe injuries around 4 a.m.

What makes this tragedy even more shocking is that the driver’s actions were captured on doorbell cameras nearby. It was revealed that the driver, after hitting Mendez, had stopped his car, stepped out, and peeled the victim’s body off his windshield. This disturbing scene unfolded approximately two miles away from the initial crash site.

Police investigations have indicated that Mendez had been involved in a separate minor collision two miles from where he was fatally struck by the hit-and-run suspect. After the initial collision, he was hit by another vehicle. Shockingly, instead of stopping and seeking help, the suspect chose to continue driving with Mendez’s body stuck on the front of his car.

The reckless driver drove for an additional two miles with the victim on his windshield before finally pulling over on Ardwick Ardmore Road to remove Mendez’s body. Subsequently, the suspect returned to his vehicle and fled the scene, leaving Mendez’s lifeless body on the roadside.

Police have described the suspect’s car as a gray Honda Civic with a large white decal on the top of the back window. The vehicle is expected to have noticeable damage to the right front bumper, fender, and a hole in the windshield. Authorities are urging the public to come forward with any information about the suspect to aid in their investigation.

Tragically, Mendez, a resident of New Carrollton, was pronounced dead at the scene by first responders.