Large bank robbed of over $6 million in cash

SAN JOSE, CR – Costa Rica’s leading financial institution, Banco Nacional, has recently come under scrutiny following a theft of 3.3 billion colons ($6.1 million). This crime, confirmed by anti-corruption officials, marks the most significant bank heist in the nation’s history.

The massive sum went undetected for several weeks, with initial estimates suggesting the theft occurred in August or possibly even earlier. The bank’s interim manager, Jaime Murillo, noted the irregularity in the bank’s records around October 3rd.

Suspicion currently surrounds five bank employees from the currency handling department: two supervisors, a technician, a security guard, and an accountant. All have been suspended with pay while the investigation is ongoing. Yet, as of now, no arrests have been made.

Murillo, during a recent press conference, revealed that Banco Nacional had been silently probing the incident. However, once details of the theft were leaked to the media, they lodged a formal complaint, prompting national prosecutors to take the lead.

Details about the actual mechanics of the heist remain undisclosed by the authorities. As the country reels from the news, many are reflecting on the security measures of such a prominent institution.