Human remains found stuffed inside of suitcases

In two separate incidents last week, authorities in Florida and Texas made disturbing discoveries of human remains stuffed inside luggage. The Delray Beach Police Department in Florida received a report of a suspicious object floating in the intracoastal waterway, leading to the finding of dismembered body parts in a suitcase. Meanwhile, in Texas, the Bexar County Sheriff’s office responded to a call about a suspicious object found on a property, which turned out to be a duffel bag containing human remains. Both cases are being treated as potential homicides, although many details remain unknown.

Late Friday afternoon, the Delray Beach Police Department was alerted to a suspicious object floating in the intracoastal waterway. Upon investigation, officers discovered a suitcase in the water, which shockingly contained dismembered human remains. To their horror, two additional suitcases nearby were also found to contain body parts. Authorities have stated that the remains appear to belong to an unidentified adult female, and the case is being treated as a homicide. However, further information has not yet been released.

Just the day before the Florida incident, the Bexar County Sheriff’s office in Texas received a call reporting a suspicious object discarded on a property. Deputies arrived at the scene and uncovered a duffel bag containing human remains. Sheriff Javier Salazar, in a press conference, acknowledged that the initial assumption was that it could be a homicide scene. However, the victim’s identity and gender remain unknown. The property owners were out of town at the time of the discovery but have fully cooperated with the investigation.

Investigators in both cases are working diligently to uncover more information about the victims and the circumstances surrounding their deaths. In the Texas incident, authorities observed signs of attempted burning around the property. Sheriff Salazar emphasized that it is too early to determine whether the victim was killed on-site or if the luggage was used to transport the remains to the location.