Hyatt Hotel Fires Employees After Tragic Death of D’Vontaye Mitchell – Civil Rights Attorney Ben Crump Speaks Out

Milwaukee, Wisconsin – The Hyatt hotel in downtown Milwaukee has terminated several employees following the death of D’Vontaye Mitchell, who was held face down by security guards near the hotel entrance. Operator Aimbridge Hospitality made the decision to fire these employees, citing a violation of company policies and procedures. The hotel giant Hyatt later called for criminal charges against the workers involved in Mitchell’s death.

The move came 10 days after Mitchell’s death outside the Kilbourn Avenue hotel. The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s Office is investigating the incident as a homicide, pending the final autopsy report from the Milwaukee County Medical Examiner’s Office. Mitchell’s family, along with their attorneys, have criticized the lack of transparency and justice in the case, calling for accountability from the hotel personnel involved.

During a demonstration outside a police and court building, attorneys for Mitchell’s family revealed that a hotel worker had indicated that excessive force was used by security during the incident. This information could play a crucial role in any legal action that may arise from the case. The ongoing police investigation and autopsy results will provide further insight into the actions leading up to Mitchell’s death and any potential criminal liability.

At a press conference, Milwaukee Police Chief Jeffrey Norman emphasized the importance of clarifying the situation surrounding Mitchell’s death. Mayor Cavalier Johnson expressed his condolences to the Mitchell family, acknowledging the tragedy of losing a loved one. Mitchell, who was 43 years old, passed away in June following an altercation with security guards outside the hotel.

According to civil rights attorney Ben Crump, Mitchell was subjected to repeated beatings by a security guard in the final moments of his life, with bystanders failing to intervene. Video footage provided by Hyatt showed Mitchell seeking refuge in the women’s bathroom of the hotel before being confronted by security guards. His family members, now making funeral arrangements, expressed shock and horror at the violence captured in the video.

The attorneys representing Mitchell’s family drew parallels between his death and other cases of Black individuals who died in encounters with law enforcement or authority figures. Brenda Giles, Mitchell’s mother, described him as a harmless individual and a joy to his family. As they seek justice for Mitchell, his family remains determined not to let his death be overlooked or forgotten.