Intoxicated man smashes his head through car window to escape high-speed police chase

OCALA, FL – A Florida man, allegedly intoxicated, made a bizarre escape attempt during a police chase that involved head-butting a car window and fleeing on foot, evoking the description of “flopping out like a dolphin” by authorities.

Tyler Fayconsolo, 24, led law enforcement on a dramatic pursuit after driving erratically upon leaving a gas station in Ocala, a city approximately 80 miles northwest of Orlando. Bodycam footage revealed him swerving dangerously, at times crossing into oncoming traffic lanes and through green spaces.

In a dramatic moment, Fayconsolo nearly collided with two individuals parked at a trailhead. His speed during the chase occasionally exceeded 100 miles per hour. Officers made multiple attempts to stop him, using a pit maneuver and deploying stop sticks. However, Fayconsolo continued to flee despite four flat tires and a dragging rear bumper.

The pursuit reached its climax when Fayconsolo crashed through a residential fence made of concrete, ultimately disabling his vehicle. In an extraordinary move, he head-butted the passenger-side window, propelling himself out “like a dolphin,” as described by the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

Despite his daring escape, Fayconsolo’s freedom was short-lived. A police K9 named Jet soon caught up with him, biting his upper legs. Officers swiftly apprehended Fayconsolo.

While in custody, Fayconsolo allegedly admitted to being high. He faced multiple charges, including driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, aggravated fleeing with injury or damage, and resisting without violence. His bond was set at $53,000, with a court date scheduled for November 14.