“Las Vegas” Mayor Doubts Oakland A’s Plans to Move as New Stadium Stalls – Click to Read More

OAKLAND, Calif. – The Oakland Athletics’ plans for a new stadium have faced numerous setbacks in recent years. From failed promises to stalled negotiations, the team’s owner, John Fisher, has struggled to make progress on a new stadium project near Laney College and later on the Howard Terminal site. As a result, the team’s potential move to Las Vegas is also facing uncertainty, with skepticism from local officials and ambivalence from the community.

Las Vegas Mayor Carolyn Goodman recently expressed doubt about the A’s planned move to the site of the soon-to-be-imploded Tropicana Las Vegas hotel, citing concerns about the location and the practicality of building a stadium there. Her comments reflect the sentiment of many in the Las Vegas community who are not enthusiastic about the A’s relocating to the area.

Fisher’s track record with previous stadium efforts in Oakland has contributed to the lack of confidence in the success of the Las Vegas project. The ongoing delays and uncertainties surrounding the new stadium have raised questions about the feasibility of the A’s relocation.

Despite receiving MLB approval to move to Las Vegas, the A’s are still facing obstacles in the potential new location. While the team is set to receive financial support from the state of Nevada, concerns about the suitability of the proposed site and the timeline for completion have added to the skepticism surrounding the project.

The lack of progress on the new stadium has also raised questions about the A’s future in the 2028 season, as the team’s lease at the Oakland Coliseum runs out at the end of this season. With no announced plans for a new stadium, the team could become an itinerant team, playing in various locations, which may not be favorable for marketing the franchise to a new city.

The A’s performance on the field in recent years has also been a cause for concern, with consecutive seasons of losses and a potential reduction in TV payments. The team’s uncertain future coupled with the ownership’s track record has raised doubts about the A’s prospects for improvement in the near future.

As Fisher continues to face challenges in securing a new stadium, there are growing concerns about the viability of the A’s relocation to Las Vegas. While MLB has shown support for the move, the lack of progress and the uncertainties surrounding the project are putting the team’s future in question. The ongoing setbacks have also fueled speculation about Fisher’s ability to successfully navigate the relocation process, raising doubts about the A’s prospects in the years to come.