Man accused of murdering his brother and hiding the body in the back yard.

McKinnley Hearon, a 42-year-old man from Eastpointe, Michigan, was charged with second-degree murder for shooting his brother.

On June 15th, the two brothers were embroiled in an argument, which culminated in the death of Hearon’s brother outside of their home. When the police arrived, Hearon initially lied and feigned innocence in the matter, claiming his brother wasn’t home.

However, police were able to uncover the body in the backyard and determine that Hearon was indeed responsible.

Along with the charge of second-degree murder, Hearon has been charged with tampering with evidence, lying to the police, and a felony firearms count.

He is being held on a provisional $2 million bond, and it is not known if he has obtained an attorney yet.