Pregnant mom accidentally shot dead by 2-year-old son

A devastating incident took place in Norwalk, Ohio, last week, as a two-year-old boy accidentally shot his pregnant mother, leading to the loss of both mother and unborn child.

The toddler reportedly managed to get ahold of a family firearm. Local police and investigators are trying to determine the sequence of events that led to the toddler having access to the gun.

The ordeal began with an alarming 911 call from the distraught father, unable to draw coherent information from his panicked wife other than the need for immediate assistance. By the time officers arrived at their home, a grim scene awaited them.

Norwalk Police Chief David Smith said that this type of incident was rare. According to him, the toddler inadvertently found the firearm and discharged it, striking Laura Ilg, his mother, in the back. At the time of the accident, Ilg was 33 weeks pregnant.

Despite an immediate rush to the hospital and an emergency C-section, neither Ilg nor her unborn child could be saved. The tragic circumstances surrounding the incident point to an unfortunate mistake, with the firearm left out in a location accessible to the toddler without the mother’s knowledge.

In the aftermath of the incident, the toddler is now in his father’s custody as the investigation continues.

Chief Smith made note of the fact that the house was brimming with child-safety features, including baby gates. On the day of the incident, the baby gates were left open.