Man arrested for brutally killing stranger’s dog at North Carolina park

A man in North Carolina has been arrested for the vicious and unprovoked attack on a family’s dog, resulting in its death. The incident occurred at an Asheville park while the dog’s owner was playing pickleball. The suspect, James Wesley Henry, 43, has been charged with felony cruelty to animals. The shocking attack has left the family devastated and raised concerns about safety in the area.

James Wesley Henry, 43, was taken into custody by Asheville police after he allegedly stabbed a mixed-breed dog named Beignet to death at a park in Asheville, North Carolina. The incident took place on Monday afternoon, while the dog’s owner was playing pickleball. Henry has been charged with felony cruelty to animals, according to authorities.

Eyewitnesses reported that Henry approached the 11-year-old dog and proceeded to grab it by the throat before repeatedly slashing it with a knife. The owner of the dog, Liesbeth Mackie, had secured Beignet on a long leash in a shady area near the pickleball court. Mackie and other players heard a man in the park acting erratically but did not intervene as he was not directly threatening anyone.

Moments later, Mackie’s pickleball partner witnessed the horrifying attack on Beignet. Eric Hulin, the witness, described seeing the assailant repeatedly slamming what he initially thought was a closed fist onto the dog. However, it was later revealed that Henry was holding a knife during the attack. Hulin and a few other witnesses pursued Henry as he attempted to walk away, and they saw him drop the knife as they followed him from a safe distance.

Police arrived at the scene and Henry surrendered without resistance. The suspect has been arrested and charged with felony cruelty to animals. He is currently being held in the Buncombe County Detention Facility on a $10,000 bond.

The family is devastated by the loss of their beloved pet, and Liesbeth Mackie expressed her shock and grief over the incident. She also voiced concerns about the growing crime and safety issues in the area, questioning whether it is still safe to bring dogs to play pickleball.

Tom Mackie, Liesbeth’s husband, criticized the local government and the Asheville mayor, holding them responsible for the tragic incident. He claimed that the crime in Asheville is spreading like a cancer and that the city is no longer safe.