Paris to deploy 40,000 officers to suppress rioting

The French government is taking action to address the violent riots that have erupted in Paris after the fatal police shooting of a 17-year-old. In response, the government has announced plans to deploy 40,000 police officers and enforce a zero-tolerance policy for vandalism and looting. The violence has resulted in numerous injuries to police officers and extensive damage to public buildings.

Following two nights of violence in Paris, the French government is preparing to crack down on rioters in an effort to restore order. A no-tolerance policy for vandalism and looting will be enforced. Additionally, bus and rail services will close at 9 p.m. local time to ensure the safety of transportation workers and passengers.

The violence, which has spread to other towns since Tuesday, has resulted in injuries to scores of police officers and significant damage to nearly 100 public buildings. In a meeting held on Thursday, ministers decided to increase the police presence from 9,000 officers to 40,000. Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin emphasized that “the professionals of disorder must go home” and that the state’s response will be firm.

The police officer responsible for the fatal shooting in the Paris suburb of Nanterre will face an investigation for voluntary homicide. Initial findings from local prosecutor Pascal Prache indicate that the conditions for the legal use of the weapon were not met. The incident occurred during a traffic stop, which was captured on video and has sparked outrage and protests.

The violence has not been limited to Paris, with rioters setting fire to schools, police stations, town halls, and other public buildings in various towns and suburbs across the country. The damage has been particularly concentrated in Paris suburbs, but authorities have reported incidents in other regions as well.

French activists have long been calling for an end to what they perceive as systemic police abuse in minority or poor neighborhoods. The government has condemned the killing and distanced itself from the actions of the police officer involved. President Emmanuel Macron has described the riots as “totally unjustifiable” and has called for order to be restored while emphasizing the need for justice to take its course.