Man arrested for planning mass shooting at high school

JUPITER, FL – A 19-year-old man from South Florida was apprehended after law enforcement discovered handwritten threats in his vehicle, detailing his intentions to commit mass murder at his former high school and other locations across several states on his 22nd birthday. The suspect, identified as Henry Horton IV, was stopped in Jupiter on September 27 due to a malfunctioning headlight, which led to the discovery of his alleged plans.

One of the discovered notes stated, “kill everyone at OHS with my guns.” Horton reportedly admitted that the note referred to Okeechobee High School, his alma mater from which he graduated in May 2022. According to the police, the notes revealed a detailed plan for Horton to murder a school administrator and 14 others on campus on January 2, 2026, his 22nd birthday.

Further investigation into Horton’s phone and Discord account revealed additional plans for mass murder in multiple states, bomb-making instructions, and a plot to kill his stepmother. During an interview, Horton informed the police that he was in Palm Beach County to scout the El Rey Jesus Church in Miami for a planned attack. He also claimed to have conducted reconnaissance at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, which was the site of a 2018 mass shooting that claimed 17 lives. His vehicle was spotted in Parkland on September 11.

In addition to the notes, police confiscated a 9MM handgun that Horton claimed to have stolen from his mother. Horton, who has a history of mental health issues, was taken to a hospital under Florida’s Baker Act, where he remained until his arrest on Thursday.

Horton’s mother, Marcie Horton, expressed her inability to justify her son’s actions but pleaded with authorities to provide him with the necessary mental health treatment instead of pressing charges. She insisted that her son was a “good kid” who would never have executed the plan. Horton’s stepmother, Alisha Horton, who was listed as a potential victim in his plans, also vouched for his innocence.

Horton was charged with intimidation through written threats to kill or harm another individual. He is currently held at the Palm Beach County Jail on a $1 million bond. Horton is due to appear in court on November 6.