Man found bound and tortured in his own car

SHELBY TOWNSHIP, MI – In a dramatic series of events, a Michigan resident was found tied up and injured in his car, a disturbing aftermath of a harrowing kidnapping at a Lifetime Fitness gym’s parking area.

News broke late Monday when Shelby Township Police sprang into action, piecing together the fragments of a kidnapping involving four masked assailants. The investigation took a significant turn when the suspect’s vehicle was detected outside the victim’s home. A tense car chase followed, ending abruptly as the suspect met a dead-end, crashing his vehicle.

Emerging from the wreckage was Antonio Andujar-Ruiz, a 33-year-old with a concerning history of violent crimes from Tampa, Florida. His previous run-ins with the law reveal a conviction for intent to murder, shedding light on his potential motives.

The chilling nature and premeditation of the crime have led detectives to believe that Andujar-Ruiz journeyed to Michigan with one grim objective in mind. He is now cornered by a multitude of serious charges, including torture, carjacking, and home invasion.

In the aftermath, Shelby Township Police Chief Robert Shelide criticized the legal system, stating, “Yet again, a career criminal has been set free, enabling him to perpetrate unthinkable crimes.”