Man found dead in airplane engine at airport

SALT LAKE CITY, UT – A 30-year-old man has met with a tragic end in an unusual incident at Salt Lake City International Airport. Identified as Kyler Efinger from Park City, Utah, the victim was found dead inside a plane engine late on Monday. Officials said Efinger had managed to gain access to the secure ramp area of the airport through an emergency exit in the terminal and subsequently climbed into a stationary engine involved in deicing operations.

Despite resuscitation attempts by emergency responders, Efinger could not be revived. The nature of his injuries and the cause of death remain uncertain and are under investigation. Salt Lake City Police Department confirmed that Efinger was supposed to board a flight to Denver.

The plane in question, belonging to Delta Air Lines and destined for San Francisco, was forced to return to the gate and discontinue the flight, impacting the travel plans of 95 passengers on board.

The incident was initially reported as a disturbance involving a passenger in a terminal. Upon response, police found Efinger’s personal belongings strewn across a runway. Subsequently, Efinger was spotted on a plane de-icing pad beneath a plane, leading to an urgent request to pilots to shut off their aircraft engines.

Investigations into the incident involving local police, the National Transportation Safety Board, the Federal Aviation Administration, and the Transportation Security Administration are still in progress.