Woman saved from carjacking by armed friend

CHICAGO, IL – A miraculous escape from an attempted carjacking in Chicago has left a family and a community in awe. A 40-year-old woman, Jaquita Sims, and her 65-year-old coworker, who wishes to remain anonymous, survived a violent encounter with armed carjackers, thanks to the coworker’s legally owned firearm.

Jaquita Sims and her coworker found themselves in a dire situation last week when her vehicle suffered a flat tire on her way to O’Hare International Airport. The coworker, driving a Toyota Corolla, came to her aid on Chicago’s West Side. Their journey was interrupted by four armed men in a silver SUV, demanding they exit their vehicle around 4:40 a.m.

The coworker, who was legally armed, retaliated, using his five bullets to protect himself and Sims. Amid the chaos, Sims was hit once by a bullet, while her coworker received a graze wound on his thigh. The suspects fled the scene, allowing the pair to drive themselves to a local hospital.

“They just shot the car up maybe 20 times,” said Janice Sims, mother of Jaquita, expressing her gratitude for her daughter’s survival. “Angels covered her. God covered my daughter. Thank you, Lord.”

Police confirmed that the coworker had a concealed carry license and a valid firearm owner’s identification card. Both Sims and her coworker have been discharged from the hospital, recovering from their injuries.

The incident has sparked a wave of emotions in the community. Sims’ pastor, Terrell Stevens, expressed his concern over the escalating gun violence. “This is somebody’s daughter. You’re not just shooting at random targets,” he said.

Meanwhile, Chicago police continue their investigation into the shooting, with no updates on the case. The city has seen a decline in homicides and shootings in 2023 compared to the previous year, according to police data. However, robberies and car thefts have seen a significant increase, raising concerns over public safety.