Man killed ex-wife after her girlfriend shattered his car window

HOUSTON, TX – A 44-year-old Texas man, Allen Dale Edwards, received a 46-year prison sentence on Tuesday for the murder of his ex-wife, Keyanna Gardiner, 29, in March 2016. The sentencing followed Edwards’ conviction in a jury trial on October 31. He has since filed an appeal on November 3, according to Harris County Court records.

The incident occurred after a dispute escalated when Gardiner’s girlfriend broke Edwards’ window. Edwards responded by pursuing them in a high-speed car chase, which culminated in him fatally shooting Gardiner and assaulting her girlfriend, resulting in injuries that required reconstructive surgery.

Under Texas law, Edwards will be eligible for parole only after serving half his sentence due to the aggravated felony firearm case. Samone Massey, Gardiner’s girlfriend, vowed to ensure Edwards serves his full sentence.

Edwards and Gardiner, who share two children aged 3 and 5, had a tumultuous relationship, often strained by child custody disputes. The couple had been living separately for three years when the fatal incident occurred.

Gardiner had faced charges in August 2014 for trespassing on Edwards’ property. She was later released on bail, and the case was dismissed after she was convicted of misdemeanor theft. Throughout their relationship, Edwards was known to frequently harass Gardiner at her workplace, according to her employer.

On the night of the murder, Gardiner and Massey drove to Edwards’ home, where Massey broke his window. Edwards responded by chasing them down the highway, leading to a fatal confrontation.