Man killed while confronting thieves who were breaking into his car

QUEENS, NY – A local man tragically lost his life in an act of bravery in East Elmhurst, Queens, when he attempted to confront thieves breaking into his SUV in broad daylight. Mauro Chimbay, 43, was fatally injured trying to prevent the robbery, leading to severe head trauma that would prove fatal.

The incident happened at around 3 p.m. on a seemingly regular Wednesday afternoon. One of Chimbay’s friends, Kevin Gonzalez, revealed that Chimbay saw an individual burrowing into his parked Toyota Highlander while the two were engaged in a volleyball game in a nearby park.

According to Gonzalez, the burglars tactlessly smashed the car window aiming to plunder the parked vehicle. Confronting the thief, Chimbay found the suspect had reinforcement in the form of a driver waiting in a white BMW. As Chimbay held onto the hood, the suspects sped off, leading to his severe injury.

Surveillance footage at the scene depicted the straightforward escape of the criminals in their white BMW. Bystanders are also seen rushing to the aid of Chimbay, who lay bleeding and grievously wounded on the pavement. Although help arrived swiftly, his condition deteriorated rapidly, with one witness even describing Chimbay as ‘convulsing’.
The suspects were last spotted driving northbound on 85th Street, according to NYPD reports. The sought-after culprits are yet to be apprehended.

Behind the sorrow, the local tight-knight volleyball community remembers Chimbay for his beloved presence. Through this tragedy, his courage to invtervene during the dangerous carjacking incident will undoubtedly remain as a testament to his character.