Man kills his roommate in disturbing murder-suicide

Early Friday morning, a horrific event took place at a Northeast Side apartment complex. A man and his roommate died in a murder-suicide.

Just after 2 am, a report of gunfire had initiated an immediate police response.

San Antonio Police Chief, William McManus, reported that the responding officers came under gunfire when they got to the scene. About 40 rounds struck the first police vehicle to reach the scene, which forced officers to find shelter behind a nearby garbage container.

The targeted five police vehicles in total. Reports suggest that he used multiple firearms and even fired a shot towards an overhead EAGLE helicopter.

All vailable law enforcement personnel were called to the scene. The authorities evacuated as many people as possible from the surrounding area. According to McManus, the gunfire continued to for about half an hour.

Residents coming home were turned away because of the active shooter situation. Witnesses in the vicinity reported hearing numerous gunshots and voice broadcasts from police negotiators.

The standoff concluded when the SWAT team intervened, deploying tear gas into the apartment before making entry. Upon entering, they found the bodies of the man and his roommate. The preliminary analysis led to the conclusion that the man took his own life after murdering his roommate.

An investigation into the incident is ongoing.