Man punched to death at NFL football game

FOXBOROUGH, MA – A fatal incident at a football game in Foxborough, Massachusetts has left a family in mourning and a community in shock. Dale Mooney, a 53-year-old father and dedicated Patriots fan, died on Sunday following a violent encounter with a Dolphins fan at Gillette Stadium.

The fatal altercation took place during the fourth quarter of the Sunday Night Football game. Mooney, a Patriots season ticket holder for 30 years, was involved in a dispute that quickly escalated into physical violence. His wife, Lisa Mooney, shared her disbelief and grief with Boston’s WCVB station.

Lisa Mooney is struggling to comprehend the events that led to her husband’s untimely death. She described her husband as a patient man and questioned why a supposed fun, family event turned into a deadly confrontation.

Eyewitness Joey Kilmartin, a resident of Nashua, New Hampshire, provided a chilling account of the incident to MassLive. He reported that a Dolphins fan approached Mooney and delivered a punch that knocked him unconscious. Despite the immediate response of EMTs, Mooney was declared dead at Sturdy Memorial Hospital in Attleboro shortly before midnight.

Kilmartin also shared video evidence of the incident. The footage shows Mooney in a scuffle with another fan on the 300 level of the stadium, which ended with the fatal punch.

The investigation into Mooney’s death is being led by the Massachusetts State Police and Norfolk District Attorney’s Office. No charges have been filed yet, and an autopsy is planned in the coming days.