Man stabbed his ex-girlfriend over 50 times after she sent text to new boyfriend making fun of him

Indiana faced a heartbreaking tragedy: 33-year-old Marcus Garvin allegedly killed his girlfriend, Christie Holt, in response to discovering text messages indicating she was seeing another man.

Garvin was captured on camera, dragging Holt’s body to a nearby wooded area, and hotel surveillance showed him departing with Holt’s decomposing remains. When police arrived, they found Garvin inside his room with a backpack, two knives, and the distinct aroma of human decomposition.

It was reported that Holt had previously expressed her fear of leaving Garvin, due to his violent temper. To make matters worse Garvin was out on a GPS monitor for a previous stabbing when he killed Holt.

In December 2020 Garvin faced battery charges for stabbing a customer at the Circle K where he worked as a cashier.

Garvin confessed to homicide detectives that he became enraged after finding the text messages on Holt’s phone. He said he awoke Holt and stabbed her in the neck twice when she tried to defend herself. The autopsy report found 51 stab wounds in Holt’s neck, torso, thighs, hands, and all around her body.

On June 6, 2023, Garvin received a sentence of 45 years in prison for the murder of Christie Holt.