Iowa teen sentenced to life for killing his parents

On Monday, Ethan Orton was condemned to life in prison. The Iowa teen will be eligible for parole after 50 years.

Orton admitted to a disturbing murder in 2021.

He entered a guilty plea in February for the brutal murder of his parents, 42-year-old Casey Orton and 41-year-old Misty Scott Slade. The tragic incident took place at their family home in Cedar Rapids in October 2021.

According to police reports, Orton used a knife and an axe to kill his parents. Upon arriving at the scene, officers found him smeared in blood outside the home. Orton was 17 when he committed the crime and was tried as an adult.

In a chilling confession, Orton told investigators at the scene that he murdered his parents to gain control over his life.

During the trial, forensic psychologist Tracy Thomas presented a profile of Orton. Thomas stated that Orton longed for his parents’ approval and validation but felt unaccepted by them.

Thomas revealed that Orton had gotten an email from Slade, indicating that his parents were planning cut ties with him when he turned 18. The teen’s response was lethal.

Orton’s trial proceedings were put on pause because of a pending mental evaluation. He was considered fit to stand trial in November.