Man wakes up with bank accounts drained after night out in Austin

AUSTIN, TX – In a turn of events that sounds straight out of a thriller, Steve, an Austin local, found himself deep in a financial debacle after what was supposed to be a light-hearted night out with friends. What began as an evening filled with camaraderie ended in an alleged drugging and robbery.

The night had its scene set in Downtown Austin at Estelle’s, a chic cocktail bar on 4th Street. All seemed well as Steve informed his cousin of his impending Uber ride. However, the following morning painted a drastically different picture. His phone was gone, and so were his credit and debit cards. To deepen the mystery, his bank statement showcased an alarming series of unauthorized transactions amounting to a staggering $10,000, spread across various establishments and electronic transfers.

But the twists don’t end here. Chase, Steve’s bank, became another hurdle in his quest for justice. They denied his fraud claims, indicating the use of his PIN without any failed attempts and some inconsistencies in his fraud reporting.

Adding to this tapestry of deceit, previous incidents surfaced. Back in February 2022, an individual shared an eerily similar tale. By October 2022, the plot thickened when two women were arrested for feigning as rideshare drivers, leading to more victims. Law enforcement is now on high alert, warning locals of such fraudulent activities.

This tale from the heart of Austin isn’t just Steve’s; it’s a reminder of the vulnerabilities we all share. “Awareness and caution can be our greatest allies,” Steve stated, urging fellow Austinites to remain vigilant.