Man with criminal past charged with killing girlfriend and keeping her body hidden in a closet for months

In a chilling turn of events, George Bone, a 31-year-old with a previous conviction for sexual offenses, was taken into custody on Wednesday. He is suspected of killing Beverly Ma, his girlfriend. Ma’s body was found in Bone’s closet, a belt wrapped around her neck, where it had reportedly been for around two months.

Bone, fearful of a return to prison, had allegedly kept Ma’s body hidden in his closet, maintaining a low temperature in the house to keep flies at bay. The arrest report suggests that Bone had set up a makeshift alarm system, a cooler by the closet door, in the event that Ma “came back to life like in the movie ‘The Grudge’”.

The police were alerted to the situation by a concerned family member of Ma’s, who had noticed a series of unusual activities, including 84 unanswered calls. This family member was on a call with a 911 dispatcher when Bone, seemingly nonchalant, was brushing his teeth and talking to Ma’s family. Bone reportedly refrained from calling 911 himself, believing he would be arrested due to his race.

Bone showed Ma’s family her body in the closet of the master bedroom of their Las Vegas home, suggesting that she had taken her own life. The family member abruptly ended the call with the 911 dispatcher and did not answer when they called back, leading to a police response.

Upon arrival, the police found discrepancies in Bone’s account of suicide. When questioned, Bone reportedly stated, “Since my truth is sounding so much like lies, I think I need to get an attorney,” and the interview was subsequently ended. Bone was denied bail at his first court appearance on July 27 and is scheduled to appear in court again on August 1.